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SQL Injection Prevention PHP - Full Guidelines Hacking Impossible

SQL Injection Prevention PHP – Full Guidelines | Hacking Impossible

SQL Injection Prevention PHP – Introduction Back in another important web development fact. Use prepared statements and parameterized queries. These are SQL statements that are sent to and parsed by the DB server individually from any parameters. This way it’s not possible for an attacker to inject malicious SQL. You basically have two options to […]

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Youtube’s Migration From Php to Python, Brief Technical History

Contrary to widespread belief, YouTube was 1st designed with PHP once it started, and not Python. It later on got replaced by Python in a piece-meal migration in three months when its public launch, using the mod_python Apache module and very likely the mpservlets framework. YouTube was created in 2005 and launched in public in […]

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How to be a Full-Stack Web Developer by own self

Web development has been nowadays one of the major skills that anyone would like to learn for an IT job or for freelancing. More and more people are involving every day in hope of great earning. But just learning a few parts of web design or development doesn’t get you to the destination you expect. […]

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Failing again and again in software development job? What should you do?

You are unsuccessful in more then 10 interviews. Ah! What should you do? Yeah, you most likely shouldn’t be a computer code developer. Because you ‘quit’ so easily. You should quit even after you are unsuccessful in a hundred interviews and not get one offer. You should quit once you’ve re-read your algorithms and data […]

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